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The Per Gynt Festival
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The Per Gynt Festival

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©  Lars Erik Skrefsrud
© Lars Erik Skrefsrud
©  Lars Erik Skrefsrud
©  Lars Erik Skrefsrud
Ibsen's Peer Gynt sheds light on the timeless and universal issues of everyone's lives. Henrik Ibsen found inspiration for his literary character in Gudbrandsdalen. This is where he first heard the story of the untamed young man, who lived at Nordgard Hågå in Vinstra. The stories about him live on to this day, while the play Peer Gynt is performed in theatres all over the world. Each year the legendary Per meets the literary Peer at the Per Gynt Festival at Vinstra. The cultural programme covers a wide range of events. The highlight of the festival, however, is the performance of Henrik Ibsen's play on the home turf of the historic Per. With nature as the stage setting and Gålåvatnet in the background, the play is performed as a collaboration between professional actors and talented amateurs. Combined with Grieg's music and the melancholy of a summer's night, the experience is not soon to be forgotten; no one in the audience leaves Gålåvatnet without feeling an affinity for Peer. The Per Gynt Festival lasts only a few hectic days, and also includes the open-air concert "In Rondane" from a spectacular stage at Kvamsfjellet. The concert is performed by The Per Gynt Orchestra along with the most outstanding soloist musicians in Norway.

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The Per Gynt Festival has its administration in Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen.
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This cultural festival takes place in the beginning of August. Phone for information and tickets.

Telephone:959 00 770
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