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Sirdal Mountain Museum
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Sirdal Mountain Museum

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Sirdal Mountain Museum   
Sirdal Mountain Museum has old buildings from around Sirdal, and the museum provides a good picture of how the people of Sirdal lived in earlier times. You may also see a widescreen film from Sirdal, showing fauna and flora throughout the year. The film has a special focus on the southernmost reindeer breed in Europe, which is found in Sirdal. The exhibitions also has a focus on Mr. Thorvald Heiberg, who bought 100 000 hectares of land in let the European upper class get access to hunting here in the first part of the 1900s.

Updated informationAddress:
Kvæven, in northern Sirdal. Follow Route 45 or Route 468 to Svartevatn (Lake) then, take Route 975 to Kvæven.
 Opening hours
Open all year
Jan 1-April 23: daily 9 am-4 pm. April 26-June 11: workdays 9 am-4 pm. June 12-Oct 22: daily 9 am-4 pm. Oct 25-Dec 31: workdays 9 am-4 pm.

Telephone:38379330 / 38379333
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Homepage: http://www.sirdal.kommune.no/organisasjon/sektor-helse-og-omsorg/kultur/185-sirdal-fjellmuseum-kvae
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