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Hedalen Stave Church

Hedalen Stave Church

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Hedalen Stave Church   
Legend has it that Hedalen Stave Church was "discovered" in the forest 200 years after the Black Death. It was built during the last half of the 12th Century, and from times of old it was a "lovekirke", a church that one donated gifts to. Precious artefacts, among them a magnificent reliquary that stems from Hedalen, tell us that the gifts have been generous indeed. Among the church's interior decor is the original of Hedal's Madonna, which is now brought back to Hedalen. The Church is still in use.

Updated informationAddress:
To arrive at Hedalen follow Route 243 from Nes in Ådal (E16), 25 km, or county highway from Begnadalen Church (E16), 8 km.
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June 16-middle of Aug: Daily 10 am-4 pm.

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