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Thamshavnbanen Railway
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Thamshavnbanen Railway

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John Arnt Holmen, Orkla Industrimuseum
John Arnt Holmen, Orkla Industrimuseum
Lok 2 Ved Svorkmo
Lok 8 i Klingliene
Thamshavnbanen was Norway's first electric railway. It was built in 1908 in order to transport ore from the mines at Løkken Verk to the harbour at Orkanger. The railway also transported passengers from the time it was opened until 1963. The trains stopped operating in 1974. But on the 75th anniversary of the opening, the first museum train again rolled out onto the tracks between Løkken Verk and Fannrem, and today the railway is the world's oldest railway running on alternating current. A great deal of the original material has been preserved. In addition to the passenger wagons, two locomotives from 1908 and 1917 have been preserved. The "Royal carriage" from 1908 is still in use. Today the train runs between Løkken Verk and Bårdshaug, and you and your fellow passengers are travelling in exactly the same carriages that were used when the railway was opened in 1908. An expert on trains tells about this unique railway's history during the journey, and an enjoyable meal may be had in the train's own restaurant wagon. It is also possible to charter a train for a special occasion, and the restaurant, which is fully licenced, has a varied menu. The oldest parts of the railway are exhibited at the Information Centre at Løkken station. Here you will also find exhibitions on the history of the Løkken Verk Mines from 1654.

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Torfinn Bjørnaas plass 2, Løkken Verk. Løkken Verk-Bårdshaug. Follow Route 700 to Løkken Verk.
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June 1-Aug 31: Train Sundays. July: Also Tues, Wed, Thurs. (Contact us for exact departure times, or information on www.oi.no). Charter train approx. May 15-Oct 31.

Telephone:72 49 91 00
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